Friday, May 11, 2007

This, That and The Other, One of Them is the Bible.

Rocker Prince is going to hang up his guitar and pick up the bible when he finishes his London concert tour later this year. Prince said "I just need to take some time off for study and travel." When asked what he was studying, he replied: "The Bible."Also a PR company helping to publicise the tour, said in a statement that Prince would be performing his greatest hits "for the very last time".

Damn U Prince, How can you stop playing your greatest hits? That is your best stuff. Let's Work this out buddy. You never know what The Future will bring, how can you say you will never play them again.

I Hate U, you must be Delirious from all of your touring. Come On just take a break after this tour, get yourself rested on The Holy River. Then once you are well rested Let's Go Crazy and have a greatest hits tour in America.

I guess this is just a Sign "O" the Times when a great musician leaves his Days Of Wild behind and turns to the Bible. The Truth is I can't blame the guy. I mean if I was livin The Good Life for all these years I would need a break also. Still ,Prince, once you get back from hearing the Thunder of God on Mountains of Sinai you have to go back on tour! And I Betcha by Golly Wow your show will be the Jam of the Year.

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