Friday, May 4, 2007

Smoking Kills

The internet version 2.

As you may or may not know there is a new internet out there. Internet 2, which was built for speed, is still very much in its infant stage. So infant in fact that it does not have the redundancy that makes the real internet the internet. This lack of redundancy is what allowed a Boston area ragamuffin to bring internet 2 to its knees.

This careless hobo discarded his cancer stick on to a mattress under a bridge. The mattress eventually caught fire and melted a fiber optic cable. This cable was a key link between Boston and New York. Officials expect to have the cable repaired in 48 hours.

Frank Sanmocker, an engineer with MCI, questioned "Why was this hobo wasting his money on smokes ? He should be using that money for food or shelter. Also if I was homeless I would use a mattress to sleep on, not as an ash tray. What was he thinking?"

I have an answer for you Frank. If the vagabond was a good decision maker he probably would not be homeless. Just a my 2 cents.

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