Thursday, May 3, 2007

Business 2.Uh Oh

Business 2.0, the tech savvy business magazine published by Time, does not follow their own advise.
On Monday April 23 the magazine's editing system crashed wiping out the June issue. Apparently the back up server failed to back up.
"If it had happened a week later, we would have been in trouble," said Josh Quittner, the editor.
"The text had all been copy-edited and sent off to the lawyers, so it had been saved as e-mail," Quittner said. "But the page layouts were truly gone, and our heroic art department had to rebuild all the art assets."
I can't believe something like this would happen to a national tech magazine in 2007. I back up my important data in two places, one local and one off site, and I don't have any thing all that important. Lucky for them their art department is so "heroic" because clearly the IT department is not.


Anonymous said...

as is usually the case, the art department busts ass to save the day. yet every fool thinks they can design stuff in word. idiots. cheers to the business 2.0 art department, jeers to everyone else.

Mark said...

Funny you say that Bill because most of the time it is the exact opposite.
From my experience most art/design folks are lazy beatniks. They waste their days cutting and pasting crap on their macs and probably smoking pot (damn hippies). While the IT guys are busting their asses keeping the company humming and designing much nicer stuff than the art department.

Anonymous said...

agreed. damn hippies. but everyonce in a while you get a great, deadicated, true genius like my good friend Al. damn he rocks. lets just leave it at that.