Tuesday, March 27, 2007

U.K. - No Doggs Allowed, Holla.

Snoop Dogg and Diddy were forced to scrap the British leg of their European One Love Peace Tour after British authorities refused to grant Snoop (born Calvin Broadus) a visa to enter the country.

For his part, Snoop said he was disappointed that he would not be able to spread his message of peace to his U.K. fans. "With my mic and my presence I can reach kids that the politicians can't and tell them to stop the violence," he said. "They listen to Snoop, so holla back!"

Snoop was denied a visa because of British Home Office rules that allow foreign citizens to be barred from entering the country if there are concerns about their presence. The rapper and five members of his entourage were arrested on charges of violent disorder and starting a brawl in April 2006 when they scuffled with authorities at London's Heathrow Airport after someone in the rapper's party was denied entry to British Airways' first-class lounge. A month after the fight, in which several officers received minor injuries, Snoop was denied entry into Britain.

Ah yes, nothing spreads a message of peace and love like fighting the police.


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