Friday, March 2, 2007


WASHINGTON (AP)- The Air Force says it's correcting technological glitches in roughly 87 F-22
Raptor fighter jets.
The computer systems on six of the aircraft were disabled earlier this month during a flight from Hawaii to Japan.
An Air Force colonel says the stealth fighter jets were participating in an inaugural 12-hour test
flight to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa when a "navigation anomaly" occurred.
The computer glitch happened as the aircraft crossed the international date line. It crippled navigation systems and hindered communications.
The Air Force says one pilot was able to contact contractor Lockheed Martin to troubleshoot the error during the flight.
Several pilots attempted to reboot the system with no success and returned to Hawaii with the help of aerial refueling tankers as a safety precaution.
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Man that had to suck. The pilots are using a simple fix until the Raptors are updated. They toss a tape recording of Queen’s “One Vision” in their Walkmans and fly by the seat of their pants.

Oh, note to Lockheed if you would have hired me when I applied for a job back in July ’06 I am sure I would have caught this. Although I do have to give you props for being able to contact tech support from the cockpit. I wonder if that is kind of like GM's On Star service?

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Anonymous said...

man i'm dying. "one vision" trumps sophisticated targeting and/or nav systems once again. i trust they flew the missing man formation back to Hawaii.