Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Park it

I know plenty of people that could use this advise.

  1. Use your indicator to signal a right turn*. Stop to the side of the front car (the car you are parking behind), so that the cars are about even and about an arm’s length apart (20-26”).

  2. While looking over your right shoulder, start backing slowly, then start turning the wheel to the right. Aim toward the right rear corner of the space.

  3. When your front seat is in line with the rear bumper of the front car, stop and turn the steering wheel one revolution to the left to straighten the tires. Continue backing at this angle until your right front fender just clears the left rear fender of the front car. (At this point, your left rear bumper will be in line with the left front bumper of the back car.)

  4. Quickly turn the steering wheel to the left and finish reversing into the parking spot. Looking over your left shoulder during this part of the maneuver may help you align with the rear car – or use your rear view mirror.

  5. To straighten out, turn the steering wheel one revolution to the right before pulling forward

Or you can try my method.

Look for a spot that is on the opposite side of the street from which you are driving. When you see a spot stomp on the gas and aim for the front tire of the car behind the space. When you are about 10 feet away from the car slam on the emergency brake and cut your wheel to the left. If done correctly you should slide right into the spot.


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