Thursday, March 29, 2007

How to Leave a Voicemail Message.

Here is the proper format for leaving a voice mail message.

1) State your name and company
2) This is the most important part so pay attention. Leave your call back number!
3) State your reason for calling and keep it brief as possible.

For Christ's sake please follow this format. Do not talk for 2 minutes and then spit out your number in 1 second at the end of your message. If I have to wade through 2 minutes of your bullshit to get back to your number that I missed witting down the first time I will not be calling you back, asshole.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

let me add this . . . if you want to ask a question or tell me a story or whatever, just tell me to call your ass back. don't clog up my VM wth your ramblings. i don't need one long story clogging up the casette tape in my radio shack answering machine. bastards.

new proposed format . . .

"hey knotcher, its reggie. found your dirt bike. call me back at (440) 526-0707."