Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh did you mean 1900 PM? My bad.

A billion dollar US sub (not pictured) disappeared for several hours over night.

The Navy mobilized a search-and-rescue operation Tuesday night after it believed one of its submarines, the USS San Juan, had gone missing off the coast of Florida with 140 crew members aboard. Communications were re-established early this morning, and it all appears to have been a case of miscommunication.The concern was so high that Defense Secretary Robert Gates was notified of the situation overnight, as was White House national security adviser Stephen Hadley, who was preparing to wake up President Bush with the news when communications were re-established with the missing submarine. The Navy had also begun notifying the families of the 140 crew members that the submarine was missing. The incident is under investigation with the focus being on why the ship missed a pre-established communications period with surface ships. Communications with the submarine were first lost at 7 p.m. Tuesday and were finally re-established by 5 a.m. today. The ship reported no problems, and both crew and officers were unaware of the effort under way to locate them.

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