Friday, June 8, 2007

First Trip - Locked In

My first 24 hour trip is scheduled. I am really squeezing this one in under the wire for the 24 hours stipulation. I land at 11:02P Friday and takeoff at 11:00P Saturday giving me 2 minutes to spare.

I am not going to get a hotel room, I figure I can just bounce around until 9A when my tour starts. I may however rent a car since I can get a crappy one for $30 it will probably be cheaper than cabbing it.


Anonymous said...

awesome. let me know if you want my continental onepass number so i can get those miles! also, have to make some cleveland-blur stickers to put all over S.F.

Mark said...

Sorry Dick, those miles will be going on my One Pass.
The stickers are a good idea, I should also make up a Cleveland Blur t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

fair enough mate. what should we put on the blur stickers? i was thinking for the plane you could stick one on your tray table. would say something like " is the BOMB!" or "are you doobie keebler?"