Friday, June 15, 2007

Burried Alive

The citizens of Tulsa, back in 1957, buried a new white and gold Plymouth Belvedere in a nuke-proof concrete vault along with some Tulsa town records and a stash of oil and gasoline. The vault also contains a pack of gum, some cigarettes, a bottle of tranquilizers, and a case of Schlitz beer. It’s been nearly 50 years to the day, and the car is about to be quite literally unearthed.

Check out the link for the full story. Looking at the picture the bunker does not appear to be water proof let alone nuke proof.
Via OhGizmo!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully there's a 50 year-old baby corpse in the trunk.

Chris the Geek said...

That car rocks. Anyways, I think your blog is pretty awesome. I'd be glad to offer you one of my awesome, super soft shirts in exchange for a link. Go here for details or email me.


Chris Geek

Anonymous said...

why is the title burried? is it really cold in oklahoma?