Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's Happening. (Weekend of 04/27)

This will be the best weekend ever. Forget the draft and the NBA playoffs a bridge demolition is going down this Saturday.

The Fulton Rd. bridge (the one that crosses over the Cleveland Zoo) will be destroyed with explosives this Saturday (4/28) at 8A.

I will definitely be going to watch this. The suggested viewing area is the park area on John Nagy Blvd. which is off Ridge Rd. north of 480. I am going to do some recon and see if we can get a better view from the neighborhood to the north east of the park. I'll post my findings when I get them.

The park opens at 6A so I want to arrive there or the alternate location around that time to get the best viewing spot. If anyone wants to join me we can meet up at the Ihop on Brookpark just west of Tiedeman @ 5:30A for some tasty eats before we hit the park.

I would also like to get video and still images of this event so I could use your help. The first lucky reader to comment on this post then make it to Ihop gets a free breakfast and gets to be camera person for the day. See you all Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Yes, first in. I'll see you at the Ihop.

Anonymous said...

Link to the map pf John Nagy if you need it.