Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ring of Fire Engulfs Johnny Cash's Home

Cash's home located on a Wide Open Road in Tennessee caught fire and was extensively damaged.

Firemen tried to Walk the Line and tap into the Big River in an attempt to suppress the flames. Despite their best efforts they were forced to pull back when the fire became too intense, the flames were Five Feet High and Rising. Many of them were overheard saying "Don't Make Me Go, I Won't Back Down". They eventually retreated Down the Street to 301 and had to watch as the house burned.

Fire chief Harold Balhatchet stated "I've Been Everywhere and I have never seen a house burn so quickly. I Guess Things Happen That Way sometime."

Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, the current owner of the house, said "Don't Cry Cry Cry for me I will be able to rebuild, One Piece at a Time." Gibb's Black Cadillac was also destroyed in the fire.

This a sad day for Cash fans as a piece of his life is forever lost. I hope they do rebuild it but If I Where a Carpenter I would use fire resistant material.

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Anonymous said...

MP, you're greatest post to date, hilarious!