Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thanks ABC!

News Channel 5 Cleveland ruined my weekend. I sat down to watch Lost in HD (recorded 2/14) but I was denied the HD goodness. Channel 5 thought it was necessary to run the school closing list, which cuts out the HD feed, for the entire hour! I bought a HD TV to watch shows and sports in HD not to get pointless weather updates. I know how to use the internet or I can just look out the window for weather information. They pulled this shit during the last 2 nationally televised Cavs games also. Looks like I'll be hitting the torrent sites again. This is one more huge strike against TV.

If this pisses you off as much as it does me let them know about it.
Channel 5's email -

Also take a look at their 1980's Front Page designed website. Piece of crap.

Also contact ABC directly to let them know what a shitty job their affiliate is doing.


Mat said...

Agreed, but that show is ass anymore anyway.

Mark said...

Disagree, starting to explain things now so it is interesting.

Mat said...

The most recent one was cool because it could stand alone and felt like a Twilight Zone episode.

Anonymous said...

well it smokes buffy the vampire slayer.