Sunday, February 25, 2007

Academy Awards Edition

Green? My ass. I love how Hollywood types love to comment on the world's problems but in reality do nothing. I don't deny that global warming is a problem but calling the Academy Awards green is a fucking joke. I don't see huge windmills or solar panels on top of the theater to power the lights, projectors, moving sets, hundreds of TV cameras and sound systems. Furthermore I did not see the "stars" rolling up in limos powered by anything other than good old fashioned gasoline. Oh and I am sure the metal in those award statues is smelted only in green blast furnaces, if there is such a thing, ha!
If you people want to make a difference and by "you people" I mean everyone involved with the awards, actors, directors, the academy, and the ancillary members of SAG, cancel the entire awards show. Take all of the money and invest it into American universities and companies for research. I mean any lab would be more than happy to take the 100 plus grand that goes into each "swag bag". The bright men and women of our scientific community could solve any one of the world's problems if they had the budget of a Hollywood "blockbuster".
I love how you people think providing entertainment is such an incredible feat. At the very best you might keep someone interested for an hour or two but for every "award winning" film there are 100s that suck canal water. If you ever take time out from patting yourselves on the back maybe you could actually do some good.

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