Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cable/commercial TV dying?

I think so. I have a decent LCD HD TV with a HD DVR. There are a lot of shows on TV that I enjoy watching. I am normally not home when the shows air but I have them recorded on the DVR. I always have plenty of HD shows for viewing sitting on the DVR but I still don't watch them. Why? Because I can't stand the commercials. I still watch the shows but I watch the avi or divx file of the show that I downloaded from a torrent. I much rather watch the show with the commercials removed for me. Sure I can fast forward with the DVR but that is a pain, I am always over or under shooting the fast forwarding. With programs like the Democracy player available that let you schedule the downloads of the newest episodes I really don't know why I continue to pay for cable and the DVR. I guess it comes down to the fact that DLing some shows may be border line illegal. I do it anyway because I figure I am already paying for them through the cable company.

Note to the networks: I would gladly pay you directly to have access to download your shows. Cut out the middle man (cable companies), cut out the commercials, and take my money directly from me.

Note to the cable companies: Start offering your channels a-la-cart for christ's sake or be ready to lose a customer. I probably watch 10-15 of the 100+ channels I have access to. The problem is those channels are spread out in different tiers of service. So I have to pay for access to the higher priced tiers to see one or two channels. Bastards.

Learn more about the Democracy player here

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