Monday, September 24, 2007

Man Beheads Duck, Blames Taco Bell.

Check out this story. Link. Go head I'll wait, read it then come back.

Funny stuff, huh? I have no problem with the dude that ripped the head of the duck. The guy was drunk and hungry. We have been there and at least he did not attempt to drive to a restaurant.

Hell I am not even sure what he did was illegal. The article makes no mention on whether or not it is duck season or if the guy has a hunting license. Plus how can they charge him with animal cruelty? He did not torture the thing, he just wanted a bite to eat. As far as I am concerned what he did was no different than going to KFC.

My annoyance with this story does not end there. Why the fuck are the hippies from the Humane Society getting involved? I love how they blame Embassy Suites for not keeping the ducks safe. Also why do they suggest that the hotel has fish instead? Is it OK to rip the head off a fish? I do however blame the hotel for not offer the guy some orange sauce for his duck.

Thanks for the tip B!

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