Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gas Prices

As we all have seen in the last couple years gas prices have gone up and I am getting sick of it.

I am sick of it because I can't stand listening to all of the jackasses talking about it. The daily chatter around my office is mind-numbing. I hear things like "did you hear there are people that can't eat because of the high gas prices" and "those bastard oil companies make billions why are they charging us so much". Hey, if can company can make money selling a product I say "good show".

Of course my favorite is the email calling for a gas boycott on a certain day. What a joke, guess what retards, if everyone could go without gas the prices would already be lower. It is a little thing called supply and demand you should have learned about it in 9th grade economics.

So please people shut up about the gas prices for now. If they hit double digits then you can start crying again.


Anonymous said...

Hey man. I agree; people need to stop their bitching.

Back on the Herrick plan.

What's new?


Mark said...

People won't stop complaining and won't look for a solution. They just want everything handed to them.

Herrick work out rocks!

Basically same shit different day.

Anonymous said...

I here ya man. Same shit with me too: work, do shit outside, rec...

The Herrick plan provides you with structure and discipline. The man is a legend.

You have some hilarious blog entries...very true too. It's a sick fucked-up world.

We'll have to do a Panini's double burger night soon.


Mark said...

I am down for the burgers anytime.
You can give the "Call Me" button a test run if you want. Just enter you phone # your phone will ring then you will be connected to me, for free.

Anonymous said...


By the way, if you are still serious about getting a mountain bike, you can get a good one for about $450 at Bike Authority. Mine is almost cashed; I may have to splurge soon.

An awesome one is $600!